My Pregnancy…

A couple folks have written to ask about how I’ve been finding pregnancy. So, here goes :)

For DECADES I’ve been dreading pregnancy. In fact, I’ve heard so many horror stories over the years that I just imagined that it will be the absolute worst case scenario. I (notice I didn’t say ‘we’) even contemplated adoption…of course, friends have had positive experiences with adoption and I think it’s a great thing, but my reasoning was that I wouldn’t have to suffer through what others have at times described to me as miserable, incredibly traumatic and unimaginably difficult.

Everyone’s pregnancy is very different. And goodness knows there are sure to be some rough bits for everyone, but so far, here are the niggles that I’ve experienced during months 1-5, but would feel guilty complaining about:

  • First trimester food and smell aversions: Namely, hummous, raw fish, pork chops, salad dressing, the smell of pubs (ie wine and beer), smelly cheese, canned tuna
  • Tiredness: It was a bit like when I’m feeling anemic, in need of a couple extra iron pills. But, really, my tiredness only lasted 2-3 weeks in the first trimester (though I, admittedly, have 4 months to go).
  • Blue days: A couple days here and there, I just felt like crying for now reason. I recognised that I was just hormonal and forewarned G, but the spells went as soon as they appeared.

I haven’t yet suffered any of the other ills that plague many and in speaking with my mom, she said that she had strange cravings (like canned peaches?) and tiredness, but no morning sickness or other craziness. So, for me, it would seem ‘like mother, like daughter’. Let’s just hope I’m also blessed with an easy delivery to match.

Pregnancy’s been ok. And since Baby’s moving about more these days, it’s even becoming [dare I say] fun! Now, if only I can somehow keep stretch marks at bay…and maintain my good luck for the duration…one can only hope. :)

A question for you moms out there. Is it too ambitious for me to think that I’ll be ready to run a half marathon 5 months after Baby’s arrival?

Sidenote: The photo is of me last Tuesday at 2o weeks pregnant. I’ve purposefully selected this photo as it makes me seem pre-pregnancy-esque. Rest assured this is an illusion :) I’ve so far gained 4.2 kilos (9.3lbs) and have an emerging bump. Though I go to the gym all the time (don’t worry, healthy exercises only in moderation), my tummy’s getting larger rather than smaller. This is an all new phenomenon and not one which I’ve welcomed with open arms. It’s funny now because people at the gym do double-takes. It’s as if I can see their thoughts forming in their mind…”I see her here often, but she seems to be expanding. This is curious…clearly, she overdid it a bit during the holidays. Maybe she should sign up with a trainer? Or, is she be pregnant, no?” :) I have to believe that at 6 months (in Feb), it will clearly be a baby bump rather than a plump middle.  And I can’t wait!

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4 Responses to My Pregnancy…

  1. Nickole says:

    So, clearly, I have never trained for a marathon ;) but I can speak to having a newborn…or three. The general recommendation is to wait six weeks before starting back to a regular fitness regime. Even with an uncomplicated delivery, it will likely be a couple of weeks before you’re feeling near your normal self to begin easy walking-type exercise. Would that leave enough time to train? Then you’ll have to factor in sleep deprivation. You might have a great sleeper…but you might not, and you won’t know that until s/he gets here! And lastly, if you’re planning to breastfeed, losing too much weight too fast can have a negative effect on your milk supply.
    You look great! Hope this helps!

  2. k says:

    Hmmm…hadn’t considered the sleep deprivation aspect. Fair point. Maybe it’s best that I delay the half marathon until the following Spring in order to allow my body and our routine extra time to repair themselves before diving into the next race. But, I know I need a goal in order to ensure that I don’t just put it off. So, with this in mind, maybe a series of 10k races would be a better idea…Good advice, thanks Nickole!

  3. Cynthia says:

    I am inclined to agree with Nicole. To be honest, at only 5 1/2 weeks out from giving birth, I found the question quite humorous. Now I realize that you are in much better physical fitness shape than I (who does not run unless someone is chasing me, and even then I only have to be faster than 1 other person….) but we are lucky to get a shower every other day or so because of the demands of a newborn (and that includes having Will home as well). I do think that a longer term goal will be a good motivator to help get back into shape.

  4. k says:

    Yeah. Fair points. I’m thinking a series of 10k’s next Fall (Sept/Oct) and my first half marathon in Spring of 2012. That way, Baby will be 4 months before I really start pushing things and I’ll have had 7 months to recover before begining to train for the half. And, then, baby will be easily able to be cared for within the creche at the gym as he/she will have had their various shots and such by then.

    Thanks for the dose of reality :)