Our Anniversary…number 8!

We’ve made it to 8 years of marriage…already! And with only a few more wrinkles to show for the experience of it :)   And rather than traveling for our anniversary this year, we’re breaking from tradition and delaying the prize until November when we will travel to Maldives for a week of snorkeling and fruity drinks.

But, G and I ran another 5k yesterday in Belsize Park in honour of our anniversary week. Fun! With this one done though, I think I’m ready to up my game. Running a 5k is easy beazy. But who knew it would be so diffcult to find a (worthwhile and beautiful) 10k in London? I will find one…somewhere…with spots available…that doesn’t start before 10am :)

In other news, we’re attempting to rekindle our Spanish language skills from high school in the year ahead. By this time next year, we hope to have the ability to hold a 20 minute conversation with a native Spanish speaker without reverting to English. We’re now researching Spanish immersion courses in London and Spain…stay tuned.

And finally, we need a pet. We can’t have a puppy. And we think fish tanks are risky. So, maybe a goldfish?

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4 Responses to Our Anniversary…number 8!

  1. Julie S. says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Nancy says:


  3. J says:

    Congratulations! We have two spare cats :-) I’ll put them in the mail tomorrow.

  4. Nickole says:

    Hey, what about one of the new trendy teacup pigs!?