Tractors, cows, dogs, cats and grandparents!

Apparently, these are the things which make Walker’s world go ’round.
In late October, W and I (K) ventured back to the States to visit in honour of my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. W turned 18 months while during our stay and so was a perfect age to enjoy a healthy dose of spoiling.
As was the case during the summer, W got up early each day in order to go with grandma and grandpa to feed the cows and see wild turkeys, deer and kittens around the farm. Grandma would get up early each day to make whatever he wanted for breakfast…and in some cases two or three servings as W was such a fan of her yummy blueberry pancakes and eggs, he couldn’t resist.
There were cows to count, donkeys to feed, cats and dogs to pet, little red cars to ride, new toys to play with, leaves to jump in, tractors to ride, races to win, hugs to steal, cakes to eat and plenty of kisses to give. And while bonus time with W was our gift to my parents in celebration of their anniversary, I can’t help but think W got the better end of the deal.
As per usual, W was a bit depressed upon returning to London. A couple days after our flight back, W patted his dad on the head, barked, pointed and insisted that there were cows outside the window. Perhaps my Dad finally scored his ‘farmer boy’, afterall…
Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad! Thanks for sticking together all these years…

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