About Us


The site’s original name ‘Travel For Two’ was just a common play on table for two — something you might say at a restaurant. The two of us decided there is too much of the world to see to wait until tomorrow. We’ll take travel today. Once in 2011 and, again in 2013, the name of our site has been amended to reflect our growing tribe; we now travel with two young children.

We started to travel in earnest with a trip to Italy in 2004 and southern France in 2005. The trips were wonderful, but we quickly realized that at one country per year, it would take around 30 years to see Europe, alone.

In 2006 we moved to London to be better positioned to travel throughout Europe and beyond. In addition to the travel opportunities, living abroad has been a great expeience in it’s own right.

Our travel interests are primarily in culture and experiences. You could say we are more anthropologists than historians. We like trying different foods, learning about different cultures and traditions, and talking with people from other parts of the world. Our aim is to experience the world, not just see it.

As our travels have continued, we have also realized an apprecition of active travel. We’d much rather be snorkeling amongst octupi, kayaking along an idealic coast or biking along an alpine trail than simply lounging on the beach.

While we’d love to make travel and exploration a full time adventure, we’ve yet to figure out how. So in lieu, we’ve kept our day jobs in London to fuel our passion for travel and experiences.

We live by the mantra “do it now.”

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