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As two Americans struggling to explore the world on 3 weeks’ holiday per annum, we moved to London in 2006 in order to boost the frequency and intensity of our international travel experiences.

Europe’s Salad Bowl, We’ve Been There…

Has anyone ever seen those ads for Andalucia in the airport? The ones with a wide, white sand beach and a beautiful brunette with a breezy look about here? Having experienced Andalucia now myself, I’d suggest that a more appropriate … Continue reading

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Let the Cliches Roll…

In my first real job after Uni, I worked for a teeny ad firm. There, I became painfully aware that my inner mind speaks in cliches. Suffice it to say that I wasn’t (and am not) a copywriter by any … Continue reading

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Helsinki & St. Petersburg with Kids

Our university friend Andy and his family are on sabbatical in Helsinki for the 2013/14 school year. Since meeting up in Finland is a tad more realistic than Texas, it was really important to us to meet up with them … Continue reading

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The Dutch Countryside

About three years into our marriage, G and I read a book entitled ‘Smart Couples Finish Rich’. Counter to what you may think the book is about–rather than material wealth, this book focused on ‘living a rich life’…placing your funds … Continue reading

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We’re Going to Hawaii!

I’m going to admit a troubling insecurity. Most of our friends are more widely traveled Stateside than we are. This is especially true for K (Me). And, to make things worse, this statement is true as compared to both our … Continue reading

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Bees buzzing happily in the lavender fields…

It’s true. The bees are happy in Provence this time of year. Many of you will remember that we visited Provence for the first time 7 years ago, it was May. We fell in love with the area’s charm (not … Continue reading

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Beach and Monkeys in Costa Rica

We had a fabulous trip to Costa Rica. It was a well-timed winter break to get a bit of sun and hiking in. While it was an enjoyable holiday, it had a different flavor from some of our past holidays. … Continue reading

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