Running in London, Training for the Bath Half Marathon…

Hmmm…my impending training for the Bath Half Marathon (March 7th) brings to mind a famous psychology study. In the study, college students are asked to sign up to participate in a psych study (as they often are on college campuses, right…). And in addition to the usual monetary reward, they could choose a ‘bonus item’. On the form upon completing an exercise (which was meant to detract from the actual purpose of the study), they were asked if they would like an apple or a candy bar as their ‘bonus’. And they were then told to come back the next day to pick it up. Upon arriving to pick up their ‘bonus’ on day 2, they were given the option to change their choice. In most cases, folks would on day 1 say that they wanted the apple. And then, upon turning up on day 2 and being given the chance to change their choice, would switch over to the candy bar.

The moral of the story being that humans are idealistic in looking ahead and crafting their ideal selves, but when the rubber meets the road we’re generally lazy sods who go for instant gratification. (or something similar)

Such is the case with this half marathon! It was all well and good when I signed up last September. But now, with only 10 weeks to go, I am not looking forward to the torture of training. Having signed up for the ‘apple’ six months ago, at 2.5 months out (and in the dead of the winter) I’m suddenly craving candy. Luckily, G’s on the sidelines and won’t let that happen….  :)

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