Marathon Madness

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After more than six months of training, the London Marathon is now only one day away. It was one year ago that I watched my first marathon. Drinking a ew pints at a pub on the course just before Tower Bridge we watched the stream of serious and silly runners pass by. I wondered if I could run a marathon.

Tomorrow I get my chance. My training has gone well, though my confidence shaken in the last couple weeks due to a knee injury and fighting off a cold. From my training times, my CEO and veteran marathon runner has been caoxing me to target a 3:30 time. However, I am aiming to run a good race and finish. I’ll be thrilled if I can finish under 4 hours.

Kimberly has assembled the Cheer Squad complete with banners to lift my spirits at mile 13 and 22. With GPS tracking, she will be following my progress along the course — and you can too! I have put together a blog page that combines my own location tracking strategy along with the official adidas time check points so you can follow my progress.

The race starts at 9:45 (4:45 ET) tomorrow morning so those in the States will need to get up early. I know it is tough — but would you rather run 26 miles? If you miss the start, you have about 4 hours until the finish to catch me along the way. I’ll need all those virtual cheers in that last hour!

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5 Responses to Marathon Madness

  1. M&D says:

    We are up and watching your progress. Good luck with youyr personal goal.

    Love, Mom and Dad

  2. Dad says:

    Great times all along the route. Just a few more miles to go.

  3. Nancy says:

    We were trying to track you at the end of the race – sitting in the middle of the bed with the laptop! :-)
    Hope you are pleased with your time.

  4. Nickole says:

    As I said before…always bet on the boyscout! Congratulations!!

  5. Brenda Salloum says:

    Hi G & K,
    We remember you from our trip 2004 Italy. We haven’t forgotten you but I thought I lost your email. Your travels look amazing. I envy you! My oldest daughter, Ciara(17yrs) doesn’t want to travel with us. I wanted to take them to the Greek Islands but they weren’t excited about that. Ciara is an amazing singer & actress. She just received the only Music Award at her school this year. She’s in Gr.11 and loves Musical Theatre. She’s also discovering her talents as an Artist. Savana is 15yrs old and loves Photography, desktop publishing, piano and other areas of Art; like magazine layout etc..
    i’m still trying to decide what kind of business to start up.Fashion Design always being my first love. Mostly a fulltime Mom & single…still looking for the love of my life. We think of you often and looks like you are enjoying life to the fullest. If you ever come to Canada; we’d love to show you our city. Happy Travels- Brenda, Ciara & Savana