The Tour of Britain Comes to London


And we were there at the finish line to cheer the cyclists on. What’s the Tour of Britain? It’s the lesser known English equivalent of the Tour de France. See photos from the finish line…To finish out the day, we ventured to Westminster Abbey for their Sunday organ recital (happens every week at 5:45). And then for Gelato by Leicester Square before heading home.It seems that there’s a festival here almost everyday… it’s hard to keep up. Next weekend, we’re off to see Buckingham Palace and a collection of the Queen’s jewelry and gowns. She opens the Palace for a month or two every year — we’re excited to take a peek.

Other news… update on the water pressure. We’ve got amazing water pressure now. Our wonderful landlord came with a builder crew to install a new pump yesterday. The old one was just broken. Tomorrow, I hope to figure out the case of the dryer that won’t dry…

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