Spanish Sentence Mapping…my personal hell!

Rough day. Ugh. I’m a perfectionist. And I like to feel that I can hold my own…I think this is true of most of us.

Today, I couldn’t and didn’t hold my own in Spanish class and felt a bit like the village idiot. Learning a foreign language has now made me acutely aware of how very little I know about my own native language. Direct object? Indirect object? The infinitive? The preterite perfect? The gerund. The nomative? WHAT happened to past, present and future? Noun, verb, adjective and adverb? I don’t like these titles for things…

During the course of the last couple weeks I’ve been able to connect the dots with the various tenses, but today’s bit on pronouns threw me over the edge. Our Russian roommate (who also speaks German and English) had to explain it to me in ‘plain American English’ when we returned to the flat…thank goodness she once had an American boyfriend and was able to explain the concepts in terms I understand!! 🙂

Onward and upward…tomorrow’s another day…

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