Donostia San Sebastian: A ‘Kimberly-Style’ Theme Park


No…San Sebastian isn’t ‘really’ a theme park. But, in my world, it fits the bill…


The city, with a native population of around 180k, is smallish compared to Barcelona and London. It’s situated on a lovely Bay along Spain’s North Atlantic coast and just about the only things to do are nibble on yummy pinchos in all the local pubs, play on the beach or in the ocean, run, cycle or go to the spa. And the city has more Michelin stars per capita than any other place in the WORLD (1 per 10k pop). It’s scenic and laid back–a perfect end to our Spanish adventure.


And, perhaps the best part, we found a quaint Pension just inside the Old Town with a cute room with balcony available for our entire stay…and it comes at a nightly rate less than the typical American motor lodge. Wow!


It’s very fortunate for G that I love the city so much because he’s having to work full days from SS and my outside interests provide him a much needed respite to get a bit of work done. Though, of course, he’s also making time to enjoy the city and its many delicious excursions.

If there’s ever been a culinary culture the Basque in and around San Sebastian have cultivated it. It’s said that this region is the culinary center of the world! In fact, cooking is such a big deal here that the men have special gentlemen’s clubs here where they get together to sing and cook!!! A gourmet Gentleman’s club….Allan, if there’s ever been a place made for you, I think we’ve just found it 🙂


And we believe the town’s reputation for being the center of culinary culture is right-on, because even the little pincho sandwiches in the local pubs are fresh and mouth-wateringly good. Not to mention Arzak–a posh restuaurant with 3 stars…stay tuned because this institution is worth a blog post in and of itself.

So. What have I (K) been up to in San Sebastian?


My days start with a simple breakfast with G out on our flower-boxed balcony. Then, off for a run while G has his daily ‘scrum’ for work. Our Pension has a full kitchen so I then venture out to the market for fresh bread, fruit, meat or cheese—whatever we need for the day’s lunch and snacks. After making a picnic lunch and enjoying it either on the Balcony or Beach with G, I head out for the beach (though today it’s raining and I’ll go to the spa, instead). When it’s nearing ‘quitting time’ for G, I head back for happy hour. We have a bit of a nice Rioja and some snacks, then either go out for a walk together or I head back out alone to enjoy the sunset/sunshine. Upon returning, we venture out for pinchos or a simple dinner at a local pub.

There’s lots of eating in San Sebastian….good thing I’m able to run along the many bike and foot paths, otherwise I would not be a pretty sight when I return back to London…

To see more photos from San Sebastian, click here…

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