London’s Parks

I love water. Especially parks with water. For those who know this about me, it will come as no surprise that I spent many afternoons this week exploring London’s parks with (what else?) water.


From St. James Park by Buckingham Palace in Central London to Hyde and Regents Parks, I’ve seen the largest and most widely known and here’s the verdict. Regent’s Park is the best based on my criteria (see list below).
1. Water (preferably with scenic views and no fishing)

2. Flower/herb gardens

3. Fountains

4. Plenty of benches and seating areas

5. Clean & safe

6. Cafes

7. Expansive grassy areas

8. Edible fruit in season (Hampstead Heath made me add this one–blackberries, yum!)


I love Regent’s Park for its boating water, English Rose garden, Open-air theatre, cafes, numerous park benches, large expansive green spaces and (most notably) its well appointed garden sitting rooms with fountains, flower and herb gardens and hedges for privacy.

Which Park is your favorite–in London, or in the rest of the world? Which criteria are most important to you?

This weekend, we’re off to compete in a photography scavenger hunt in West London and to tour Buckingham Palace. Then, Monday, I’ll begin classes at CITY University downtown. Stay tuned for updates as the weekend ends and work week begins.

See additional photos from Hampstead Heath, Hyde Park, or Regents Park.

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