DC: A New Perspective


G’s parents are always amazing hosts and this Spring they treated me to a few days seeing ‘another side’ of the DC that I had not previously experienced. I arrived via the Amtrak link from Lynchburg and I must say I was incredibly impressed. The train was on time, the commuters were upscale and the seats were HUGE and comfortable–especially as compared with their Indian and European counterparts (see photo at right).

During my few days in Annandale, we went for a walk with the ‘mall group’, visited multiple groceries (Wagaman’s, the big Wholefoods in Fairfax and the huge International market in Springfield) to see the amazing variety of international foods now on offer, tutored a Spanish-speaking child (actually she tutored me with my Spanish, but who’s counting :)), had an impromptu tour of the Evermay House in Georgetown (well done Allan–not everyday one can have a private look inside a home worth $30m, see 3rd and 4th photo at right), visited the National Botantical Gardens (see second photo at right) and had countless amazing internationally-inspired meals both inside and outside the home.

Though America is physically isolated from other cultures, DC has attracted a diverse group of individuals who have brought a taste of the world to the town. Of course all of the above experiences were enjoyed, but also striking is the American suburban quality of life. G’s parents’ garden is a veritable Garden of Eden. Birds, herbs, vegetables, trees and flowers abound. So much greenlife is enough to make this girl envious. Well done with your green thumb.

Thank you for treating me to such an amazing time A&V!

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