England in Summer

I know what you’re thinking…surely, you must think this headline is sensationalistic 🙂


But for the first time since we arrived in England, we’ve experienced what a good summer in London has to offer! Sunny days, mild nights, little to no rainfall…it’s been absolutely gorgeous. So gorgeous, in fact, that I haven’t been carrying an umbrella–that’s unheard of! 🙂


We’ve stayed domestic this summer for lots of varied reasons and have done what we can to take advantage. There have been loads of balmy drinks al fresco, park days and runs through the borough. So nice! It rained on my birthday. But that’s one of only two rainy days that I remember since returning from the US in May.


Speaking of my birthday, G treated me to a domestic day away this year–in Kent (by the Channel). We spent a rainy day at the beach in Broadstairs and then headed to Read’s…a Michelin Star restaurant with rooms. It was so cozy. And the french macaroons and fun games made the rain romantic rather than wretched. [photos of the beach, Read’s and our Room at right]


Getting back on the travel bus, we’re planning to travel to the Cotswolds for my triathlon 5 September, for a dose of Mediterranean sun in late September (and our first yet unvisited country of 2010…) and to see G’s parents in Barcelona come November. We’re also hoping to see the Gorillas in Uganda/Rwanda this year…but that’s all contingent on the political situation come November/December…we’ll see…


Though we certainly enjoy traveling, it’s been nice reinvesting in ‘Life in London’ this summer. It’s been a definite change of pace to our usual rapid fire travel appetite, but certainly a more sustainable pattern for the longer term. Maybe it is possible for us to stay in one place for longer than 4 weeks at a time, afterall.


In other news, G and I purchased a racing bike for my first triathlon last weekend. It’s a used Giant SCR 2.0. City roads kind of freak me out a bit, but I must soon get over my fears and take to the road. I have a helmet…and G’s old iPhone in tow…fingers crossed that the sunshine will hold! 🙂


Yesterday, we ventured over to the East of London for the Broadway Street Market and have decided that we’ll ride bikes down the canal from Camden next time we visit. It’s such a lovely little part of London–AND they have the absolute best cupcakes in London! Though two fit inside the palm of my hand, they’re packed with more punch than their full size counterparts. [Currently rushing our to buy fairy cake cups, a star tip and metallic beads to recreate these :)]

Oh. And for anyone who has an ice cream maker…try Basil!!! It’s my favourite (had it at Arzak in San Sebastian). There are loads of recipes online, but since we don’t have a way to make it, G found a quirky ice cream place that makes it with liquid nitrogen within walking distance of our flat! Heaven!

[I’m still loving the Graffiti about London…the additional snaps here were taken along the Canal near Camden and Victoria Park]

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