The Merry Men of Windsor

Windsor is a little royal town just southwest of London (about 1.5 hrs. from our flat). It’s quite surreal to be in a place that holds so much history — not to mention some of the most powerful monarchs of the past (many are in crypt in the floors and walls of St. George’s Chapel in Windsor). Today, we stood atop the tomb of King Henry VIII and his final bride Jane Seymour (she was the last one, right?). And King George VI and the Queen Mom are also laid to rest here (in a very minimalist alcove of the nave). [Did you know that she (Queen Mom) died 50 years after her husband? I can’t imagine. Granted, she was 102 when she died…]


But while this chapel and the castle itself are quite large, they are unassuming, as well. As with the other Royal homes, we weren’t able to take photos… you’ll just have to take our word for it and take a look at our photos of the exterior of Windsor Castle, instead. We were lucky today as the Queen was actually in residence. For us, the visitors, this doesn’t really mean too much. It simply means that we saw her flag flying atop the tower and when we saw shuffling behind the glass, we were able to imagine it might be the Queen and her entourage.


There’s also a great assortment of shops and cafes in this little village. We wandered about, had a picnic lunch, toured the castle and strolled its grounds, and headed off for a cafe break before heading back to London by train.

See photos from this weekend’s trip to Windsor and stay tuned for a review of the Cotswolds next weekend…

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