Woo Hoo! We Have Internet

I know you all were hitting refresh on our blog all day long yesterday to see when our internet went live. We were hitting refresh on our DSL modem status page to find out the same thing.

I called customer service first thing in the morning and they said we should go live before the end of the day. We didn’t go live before midnight, so I called again first thing this morning.

As an aside, I hate talking with incompetent customer service representatives. This guy was walking me through configuring the network settings for my computer — which was way off course. He wanted me to configure my computer’s internal modem and insisted that there should be a field to enter the phone number. I politely told him that my computer didn’t have an internal modem, that this was a DSL modem and that my computer didn’t have any difficulty communicating with it — it was the modem’s connection to the internet that was the problem. In any case, in the end you can only humor them until they are convinced that it won’t work and forward you on to the next level. Sigh.

So, he was finally convinced that he couldn’t help me and took my number for technical support to call me back in 3 days. I bet you can imagine that I took that well. I lost my typically polite, yet firm tone that I use with customer service reps and I told him that was crap. In fact, I think I said it exactly like that. He eventually forwarded my call to technical support.

They went through the same checks of what is your name, what is your address, etc. Then, while he was “reviewing my account” it magically turned on. The big red “Not Connected” letters that I have been staring at for a week were replaced by a big green “Connected”. I almost dropped the phone. I did scream out of excitement. I tried to tell the guy on the other end of the line, but didn’t get a response. I don’t know if he was still there or if he had to leave his workstation whil he was “reviewing my account.” Regardless, I got (finally) what I came for, so I was out of there.

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