We enjoyed a five-day cruise to Bermuda during the summer of 2006. With two days ashore, we didn’t have a lot of time, but we did enjoy a lot of the sites that Bermuda had to offer. First, there are three main areas on the Island:

  • The Dockyards (where our boat docked)
  • Hamilton (the largest city and capital)
  • St. George (the historic town)

Each of the areas has a unique feel and flavor. For those history nuts out there–you may want to stay in St. George to visit its historic buildings and structures. For those who want more of a nightlife, stay in Hamilton. And for those who want to be near the Island’s most famous beach (horseshoe bay), stay in Dockyards or Hamilton.

Since we were on a cruise, I can’t speak much to the experience of finding suitable accomodation. But I will say that my general impression is that you go to Bermuda to relax and recharge–not to be pampered.

What to do. Well, here’s the list of what we did:

  • See St. George (historic churches, beautiful street scenes, visit the parks and gardens)
  • Lunch at the waterfront in St. George
  • Parasailing (We went up with Skyrider–too much fun! There are only two on the Island–for those who many travel there, Skyrider was the least expensive and their route out of Hamilton was the most picturesque of those offered.
  • See Hamilton (wander along the waterfront to explore the shops and restaurants)
  • Visit Horseshoe Bay (pink sands and calm waters greet you to the au naturale beach)
  • Dockyards Festival (a weekly festival during cruise season–on Tuesdays during the summer months. A joint venture with Royal Carribean and Bermuda’s Chamber of Commerce (I think))
  • Visit the Dockyards to sample authentic Bermuda rum cake (yum!) and to see their glassblowers at work

Our timeline didn’t allow, but during our next trip we’ll also:

  • Rent jet skis to explore the bay
  • Snorkel along the reefs
  • Snorkel or snuba (a mix of scuba and snorkeling) to see the area’s shipwrecks
  • See the dolphins at Bermuda’s maritime museum
  • Wander about the maritime museum to learn more about the Bermuda triangle (Yes, I (K) have been curious about the triangle since reading about it in a 4th grade weekly reader)
  • Try a few of the local restaurants to sample the local flavors
  • Visit the botanical gardens in Hamilton
  • See Elbow Beach, Long Beach, Tobacco Bay and Jacob’s Cove.

For those planning to visit, I feel that 4-5 days would provide ample time to see the Island’s sites and rest along the Islands most serene shores.See more photos from our trip.

***One last tidbit–I was initially excited about the prospect of exploring the Island on scooters or mopeds. We didn’t–and they don’t advise it. Even it you can handle the scooter, others can’t and the roads are very narrow. Stay safe. And, take snacks with you. A bag of chips costs $8 in a convenience store because everything has to be shipped in.

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