Wicked Good


Yesterday, we saw Wicked. A play G and I have been looking forward to seeing for years… and it was well worth the wait. All of us, G’s parents included, were thrilled with the show, it’s definitely a favorite. Go see it!

We headed to the pub for dinner. A gastropub, the Anglesea Arms served upscale pub food rather than the typical fish and chips. We enjoyed dinner and then headed off to see the 30 minute fireworks show at Ravenscourt Park (also in Hammersmith/Shepherd’s Bush). Ironically, the display was timed to match music they were playing… a neat idea. The finale was timed to “New York, New York” and the fireworks were red, white and blue. It felt like home. Apparently, that’s the song that nightclubs play just before they close their doors for the night here.

And then, we were off to another pub to meet up with a few of K’s classmates from Cass. A very nice, relaxed day.

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