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Some of you may know that one of the first things I do upon visiting or (moving to) a new city is to scope out the cafes. In Cary, WiFi was magnetic and I frequented Panara Bread and Starbucks. Here, in the UK, cafes charge for their WiFi and coffee cups aren’t bottomless. Being the “starving” college student I am, I haven’t been as fast to start my cafe habit. BUT, that’s now changed.

After being at Cass for a week or so (back in September), I ventured to CITY’s main campus to take care of a few things. On my way, I spied a cool cafe (like the one from Friends) with comfy leather sofas, quirky but friendly staff members, WiFi (albeit paid), paper cup chandeliers (very cool — look at the photo) and a cool buzz. In the interest of our budget, I tried to forget about it, but my efforts only kept my cafe habit at bay for 2 months. I revisited “my” cafe (158 Goswell Rd) today and the romance was rekindled. The menu’s fun, the coffee’s good, there are great people-watching opps. And while folks can smoke in the cafe, they often exhale smoke rings. Whoever thought cafe clientele could be so entertaining?

Watch out G, I think the cafe budget line item will have to be resurrected.

What’s your favorite cafe? How much is too much for a cup of coffee?

See photo of MY Cafe.

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