A Smart Home in My Laptop

I was quite surprised and impressed — today I received a call on Skype while listening to some iTunes. I started to fumble for the iTunes app to pause the music, but ended up just answering the call right away. I figured I had headphones on, so the caller wouldn’t hear the music — I’d just have to listen carefully over the music until I could pause it.

To my surprise, when I answered the call, the music stopped. I couldn’t beleive it. I carried on with my call and then upon hanging up, the music resumed. This is one of those features that is often used as an example of a “smart home” — when the phone rings, the stereo volume turns down automatically. Well, no waiting for the home of the future here — it is available today on my laptop!

I love coming across good design like this because it is so uncommon. More often I am complaining about terrible design — or lack of design — and if anyone had taken two seconds to think about it, would have come up with something better.

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