We’re Now Aunt K and Uncle G!

Last week was a very eventful one for our family circle.

First, and sadly, G’s 96 year old grandmother passed away in Blackwell, Oklahoma on Sunday, 28 November. When we visited last year, she kept telling us that she tired and was ready to see Alva (her husband who died in ’07). Her wish was granted, she went peacefully after  living a long and full life…and for that we’re very thankful.

But, as if to reiterate the point that life is clearly a cycle…On Saturday morning (4 Dec), G’s sister, Cynthia, and her husband, Will, delivered their first child, a boy named Eric Jacob. A very healthy little guy, he’s doing very well and everyone in Louisville (where they live) is getting adjusted to their new routine. It’s been a great experience for us (thank you, Cynthia) to be a part of it all, though we’re far away. And it’s also opened our eyes to tons of questions that we should be asking and answering while we have the time! We visited the bookstore on Sunday in order to get a few books to help us along in our understanding of what happens after the baby arrives.

And, finally, on Tuesday of this week, my baby sister announced that she and her fiance have bought their first home! So, I’m now asking myself, does this mean that I am no longer allowed to call her my baby sister? I suppose it’s time to put my denial in-check 🙂

Given all that’s going on with other folks, our daily cycle and events seem a bit more mundane by comparison. I’ve had to stand on busy tubes just twice this week and I’m not quite sure if I should be happy or sad to report that others (who were very polite and appropriate) offered me their seat on both occasions. I suppose I’m not fooling anyone these days…more photos to come.

Oh, too, we went to a friend’s surprise birthday party last weekend as a Pirate and a Parrot…

Happy Holidays!

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