Ouch! My ankle…

There’s one fear that reigns supreme for me in London. From Day One, my fear has not been for my life or safety, but for the strength of my limbs. A broken ankle, foot, or leg could mean expensive taxi rides to school or work and would quickly translate to frustration and angst with our new urban home. It would be very difficult to walk 2-3 miles per day on crutches. This fear has kept me from visiting the city’s numerous open-air ice skating rinks.

So, we’ve been very cautious. BUT, last Wednesday I wore heels to school for our final economics presentation. At the close of the day (with a tender foot after not wearing heels for a couple months), I took the stairs and my ankle went to the left as the rest of me went to the right. Not fun. It’s not broken because I can move it, but it is swollen, slightly bruised and sensitive to the touch. Studing for exams, I don’t want to take the time out for the doctor — and it is getting better day to day. It’s just a sprain.

But, this has reconfirmed that there will be no ice skating for me. Perhaps we should take insurance out for the health of our limbs?

On a brighter note, we walked up to Hampstead (10 minutes uphill) last night to see Cameron Diaz’s new movie: “The Holiday”. It’s a cute Rom/Com and I’d definitely recommend it… see it if you can. For those who do see it, know that it seldom if ever snows here and if it does (happen to snow) it doesn’t stick. We’ve never been to Surrey (the county just west of London), but their view of it was reminiscent of the Cotswolds. The towns actually look like that and there really are sheep EVERYWHERE. Seeing sunny CA made me long for warm breezes… watch out Krista and Bethie, we may be moving your way :).

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