Holiday Stroll About London


We’ve taken a couple breaks from studies and work this weekend (G’s working to make up a bit of time…they have a big launch the day we return from Austria) to enjoy a bit of the holiday spirit. During the previous weeks we’ve been too distracted to realize that Christmas is around the corner, and the wonderful weather has allowed us to believe it’s fall. Regardless, we did venture out for a holiday concert at the beautiful Royal Albert Hall (across from Kensington Gardens) last night and to a couple holiday bazaars today. But most exciting is that we were able to get great seats for Madam Butterfly in March at Royal Albert Hall. We’re very excited because the Hall is a true circle (for those from Raleigh, the RAH is like a royal, cushy, antique, ornate version of the ESA/RBC Center..but the same shape and same general seating arrangement). For Madam Butterfly, they flood the floor and make it into a Japanese water garden…and we’ll be front and center. We can’t wait!

For now, here are a few photos from today’s holiday stroll about London (bazaar was from TATE Modern to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre). The photos were taken as we walked from the Globe to the London Bridge tube station.

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