Happy New Year!


Contrary to what you might think, we are not stuck in Vienna. We headed north to Prague to ring in the new year. When the clock struck midnight we were standing on the Charles Bridge drinking champagne and marveling at the 360 degree view of fireworks all around the city. It was a chaotic and exciting celebration of the new year — very different from the very controlled and regulated fireworks displays that we watched in the States.

Prague was a beautiful city and quite photogenic. It was fun taking pictures of all the old buildings and iconic landmarks as the city dodged the bombings that many suffered in Germany and Austria during World War II.


We felt a bit unprepared for the language difference. While most people were able to speak English, knowing some Czech would have been advantageous and helped us in avoiding tourist traps. After focusing on German for the past several months, I quickly tried to pick up a little Czech on the train in the country — unfortunately, my resources ended up to be terrible. We will know better for next time.

From Prague we took the train over to Munich. It was a relief being about to read (sort of) the signs and at least be able to greet people and ask for basic things in the local language. Last night we had dinner in the famous Hofbräuhaus complete with huge beer mugs and an oompah band.

We know you all are waiting anxiously for the pictures. We will post them on Friday when we return to London.

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