Banoffi Pie Anyone?

After returning from our trip, I took a look to find recipes for a few favorites.

Our friend Nancy mentioned Banoffi Pie in a previous comment on the site, I found the “original” recipe and tried it out yesterday. It’s great! Here’s a link to the recipe, but do note the instructions for making the toffee in the oven…I used this method and it worked perfectly and is much safer than the other proposed.

Click here for the Banoffi Pie Recipe (look for the recipe link in the lower left corner).
Within the posts from our recent trip, I found a couple other favorites. Apple strudel and Bienenstich Cake. I’ve searched online and the links below will take you to recipes that have received rave reviews (and appear to be relatively simple). I haven’t yet tried these so let me know how they go if you do:

Click here for the Apple Strudel recipe.
Click here for the Bienenstich Cake recipe. 
Also, with so many posts from our travels, some have moved to the “archives”–you can access these through the “Archives” menu on the right column of the blog’s front page.

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