Active Weekend in London

We had a great weekend here, in London.


Since my term just began, I didn’t have tons of work to do so we were able to enjoy an active weekend in the city. First, we went ice skating by Tower Bridge. And we went immediately from ice skating to the “changing of the keys” ceremony at Tower Hill.And on Sunday, we were invited to a brunch at a friend’s apartment–our first “group” event at a friend’s house since most folks’ flats (including ours) are so small that all entertaining is done outside the home in local pubs and restuarants.

Now, the craziness begins! We’ll be assigned a project this Wednesday and solutions to this project must be presented to the client first thing next Monday morning—that’s little less than a week to prepare a well honed paper and presentation for one of the world’s most reputable consulting firms, KPMG.

Next, the “Cranberry Case”–have no idea of what this project entails, but it will be formally assigned next Monday and due the following Tuesday.

And, finally, our HR class assignment will also involve a group project which will be assigned next Wednesday and will be presented the following week.

Following submission of this project, this block will be complete. BUT, we’ll fly to Poland that Friday to meet and gather information from our client firm for a “consulting style” project (with translators in tow). Then, five weeks later, we’ll present our final report and recommendations to the firm.

All while we work with the London Irish (the client for our strategy project) to develop and complete a project that’s due in late March.

At least we were able to enjoy the weekend, but I can’t say it will be smooth sailing from here 🙂

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