Driver’s License Part 2

Good news arrived in the mail today in the form of a Provisional License. It was good news in that it only took about half of the four weeks promised, but this isn’t a real license. It merely registers me with the DVLA (translation DMV) so that I have a license number which is required in order to register for the theory test. I promptly hopped online this evening and signed up for the first available test slot — February 8 at 1:15 pm. That leaves me with 9 days to register and take my practical test. This, no doubt, is cutting it close — though I am holding out hope that it is still possible.

In the meantime, I need to study for the test. In North Carolina, the DMV provided a booklet with all the material on covered on the test — it was even available in PDF format online. No such luck here. The DLVA has quoted 3 different books that material for the test comes from — all available for sale at your local high street (translation main street) book store.

Another interesting thing that I learned about the theory test this evening — it has a video section. The video shows various driving situations (from the driver’s view) and you have to identify the “hazardous situations” as they emerge. This sounds to me like it will either be obvious, or a stumper. I could see myself reading into the video too much because I know I am supposed to spot hazardous situations.

Before signing off — thanks for everyone who posted scores for the practice test on the last post. Well, tomorrow I am off to the book store and then I’ll be joining K for study hall.

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