We’re Going to Hawaii!

I’m going to admit a troubling insecurity. Most of our friends are more widely traveled Stateside than we are. This is especially true for K (Me). And, to make things worse, this statement is true as compared to both our Stateside AND European friends. We often find ourselves in conversations to the tune of Friend says, ‘San Francisco is my favourite American city.’ To which K says, ‘Oh, I’ve heard it’s lovely…’ This is becoming a bit embarrassing. So…

K’s never been west of Colorado.
G’s been a bit further west and south, but has never made it to the Pacific coast.

There. We’ve said it. It’s true. We both put our toes in the Pacific for the first time while visiting Japan in 2006. And, again, when visiting Costa Rica this year. We’re more widely traveled in two other continents than in the continent of our birth.

So, imagine our surprise when A&V announced that they’d like to celebrate their 40th anniversary Hawaiian-style with the whole family next Winter/Spring. Looks like we’ll now have our chance to go a bit further west and south (if Hawaii counts?).

Given your collective travel experience Stateside, any pointers on which islands to visit and what to do there? We’ll have a week for independent travel as a family of three in advance of a collective 7-day cruise about the islands. Any tips?

And rest assured the Pacific Northwest and Northern California are on our list for future travels, as well 🙂 We must give our home country a bit more love and attention. [But it will be a difficult choice as it’s so expensive as compared to Vietnam, Cambodia…and Venezuela!]

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