Another Perk of the MBA

Within a previous post, I mentioned that Cass provides sessions with a career coach and local mentor. I really lucked out and was matched to a couple incredible individuals who have provided great insight and perspective. But yet another job search resource has surfaced!

Last week, I contacted a person in the Cass careers department about a possible business research project/disertation client. Cisco UK was seeking somone to consult and develop a 3-year plan for its marketing efforts. The careers contact excitedly responded offering to submit my resume and follow-up, etc. And this week, the careers contact e-mailed me after sending my resume and following up with Saatchi & Saatchi on my behalf (working for this firm would be any marketer’s DREAM!). And she then followed up to say that she’s like my permission to contact other local firms on my behalf…this is the best! It’s like having a headhunter without the finder’s fee.

Fingers crossed that a good position and comfortable salary will be mine…

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