Chelsea Flower Show


G surprised me with tickets to the (sold out) Chelsea Flower Show yesterday. This is an event in Chelsea (one of London’s most posh districts) and, as you can imagine considering the English’s love for gardening, is THE place to be this weekend. The event makes the Top 10 list of things not to miss in London.And the show exceeded expectations. Landscape designers from around the UK flock to Chelsea to install not only plants on their tiny plots, but also to install buildings and infrastructure. They literally move earth and create impressive outdoor spaces within a week of the show.


Following our visit to Japan last year, G and I decided that we would like a Japanese or Asian-inspired garden for our next home…granted it may not agree with our Italian villa :), but who says you can’t have the best of both worlds. This was a great event to gather ideas from…click here to gather ideas/see additional photos from the show.

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