The Drama

Upon moving to a place like London…or New York City…or Paris, you recognize and accept that, unfortunately, there will be drama now and again as leaders and cultures clash on the world’s stage.

When we first moved here, I was very sensitive. I very carefully monitored who was on the Tube, suspect bags and dangerous situations. But with time, sensitivity fades and you learn to be less consumed by the endless possibilities. There’s no way to know when the next incident will come.
As most of you now know, a few incidents in the London over the weekend and this week have made the news. Fortunately, we were in Ireland and missed out on most of the drama. We suffered only minor inconveniences as we made our way back through Stansted last night.

Having read more about the weekend’s incidents, I am again sensitive to the possibilities. Obviously, terrorists aim to terrorize. Therefore, their acts are random–they can’t be predicted. But, we’re comfortable and believe we’re safe.

Thank you for your e-mails, concern and well wishes!

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