First Two Days a Charm

I’ve survived my first two days in the office after nearly 11 months job-free! I’ve now conducted 4 of the 6-8 total internal interviews for my BRP (business research project). Now, I have only a bit more secondary research to do on the topic, a few more internal interviews and 6-8 client interviews…granted I will actually have to develop my own thoughts following all the interview and research, but that’s the easy bit! The good news is that I adjusted to the 10:30 to 5/6 schedule. Granted, I realize this is quite an easy schedule compared to my typical 8:30 to 7 (if not 8:30 to 10), but it is a good sign that I survived it for two days in a row after 11 months of “unemployment”, right?

Fingers crossed that my optimism will continue. Thank goodness I’m only committed for 2 days a week…that’s one way to ease back in to the working world, right?  :O The people at the office are being extraordinarily nice to me, the new girl…thank goodness.

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