Another Weekend at Home

Hey. We’re just finishing another weekend at home in London–what a great one. We had amazing weather, went out and about to do a few things we had been meaning to and took a few photos to keep you all in the know. While last weekend was very social, this weekend was more low-key with a bit of catching up to do before leaving town for Switzerland next weekend.


First, I worked on my project at Starbucks on Friday. It was nice to get out of the house because sometimes a change of scenery helps me to refocus…more than anything I leave the house sometimes in order to get away from the only distraction we have at the flat–the Internet! It worked and I was able to enter dialogues from my latest BRP interviews and also add a bit to the latest draft.


Then, Saturday G and I took a long boat cruise along London’s canal system. It was fun to take the boat up to Maidavale, stop off for drinks and nibbles and then head back again.And today, we went shopping on Long Acre, Oxford and Regent Streets to update our travel gear and to buy a couple workout outfits for my new yoga class (my first one was last Tuesday).


The best part of today? One of my latest favorites–riding the #24 double-decker from Central London to Belsize Park. Today we snagged front row seats on the upper level…we had a great view over Camden Town as we ventured home.

Click here to see other photos from the weekend… 

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