Successful Presso

Many of you will remember that my advisor reviewed a draft of my dissertation a couple weeks ago and said that he would give it a healthy pass as it was. However, as you knew I would, I continued to work on the draft. I’m sure I had previously reached the point of diminishing returns–I’ve probably only increased by score by 3 points or so, but I feel better about the result. That’s what matters. And, having had the client copies printed and bound before we left for the lake district last Friday, I have to admit the finished product looks pretty impressive. My primary findings are supported by a literature review and provide the basis for some sound, actionable steps to move forward.
I arrived at my client site bright and early yesterday morning…although I ran in to a couple IT difficulties with no one in-house to help (IT person quit last week) and the start was delayed due to the previous MD’s late arrival, all else ran smoothly. The 1 hour presso that I had planned lasted 3 hours due to lengthy discussions on how to move forward and use the research to inform their corporate strategy. I could hardly believe I was there until 2PM after a 11AM start. Good sign, I think?

Following the presso, a co-worker took me out to lunch to celebrate and I went for a hair cut. Then, I accomplished nothing until G came home–I guess we’ll call my downtime “rest”. Good day overall.

Today, I’m at home making a few final revisions before submitting the final document to the printer to produce the school’s copies. Nothing major…just polishing and adding a bit more academic “girth” to the report.

As of Friday (or before if the prints are ready), I’ll be done with the program and able to focus on the permanent (rather than project) job hunt and my interim part-time projects/positions. Well, at least until we leave for Oktoberfest…

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