The Job Front

So…as I last left it, I had been offered an attractive full time permanent position with a reputable London firm with a very measured approach. But, I hadn’t yet decided how to proceed.

Over the holiday, I had to give them my decision. I declined.

On Monday, I returned to town and had multiple messages from my recruiter. The firm (ie hiring manager) understood my concerns, but is adamant that I’ll be a good fit and will enjoy my work (despite the lack of creative). Rather than the previously proposed 1 yr/permanent contract, they’re willing to put me on a 6 month contract so that I’m not locked in long-term, but it will automatically renew if I do decide to stay. Bad news is, they want me ASAP. My freedom is fleeting.
In addition, I did a bit of soul searching to figure out why I continue to refuse opportunities. I’ve come up with two reasons:

1. We’ve had an amazing year! G has a great, relaxed attitude about taking time off and his company is very accomodating. I don’t want my job to clip our wings. Also, I’m a bit of a workaholic and I like my very laid-back, stressfree life at the moment. It’s not that I’m against the jobs, it’s that I’m resisting the lifestyle change. I need to get over it and find a way to balance the two.
2. The firms in London aren’t integrated. They all say that they are, but have their roots established in one medium or another and are generally very limited on interactive/digital. And this area and branding form the center of my interest. Hence, I’ve decided to refocus my search on digital/interactive firms going forward. I’m meeting with a couple recruiters tomorrow to discuss a few interactive/digital AD roles in Central London.

If I hold out for perfect, I’ll be waiting forever…but for now, I’ll continue to interview and keep the 6-month rolling contract as a solid back-up. It’s a solid opportunity. But fun, school, friends, hanging about with G and vacation seems way more appealing by comparison. Hmmm….I wonder why? 🙂
Regardless, my fleeting freedom inspired me to get out and about today to take care of a few errands I had been putting off. I took a painting from Prague for framing (had been waiting until we were back on 2 incomes!), went to the local gym to pick up an info kit/tour and basically just enjoyed the sunny day.

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