Good news! I’ve verbally accepted an offer from MRM Worldwide, the #8 largest digital/interactive firm in the UK (2006). I’ll be working on the Intel account from their London office located in Southwark (right by Borough Market and London Bridge).

I’m excited about the position for many reasons. They’re in a great location on the Northern Line (40 min from home door to door!), let me name my price (don’t get overly excited…), the account is a recognized name, the firm and client are committed to new media, it’s an EMEA account — I’ll coordinate with folks from across Europe mainly, but will also have access to know more about marketing in the Middle East and Africa. AND, perhaps most importantly, it feels like home. I clicked with the people and the culture balances work and play (ie pool table in the canteen, canteen turns into a pub on Friday nights, folks go to lunch together, reduced gym membership to encourage co-workers to hang out together, etc).
Hmmm…now, what to do with the other interviews I have lined up next week? And the unpleasant job of telling the other offer bearers no.

I start November 1 (I think?).

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