but relieved. Welcome back to the world of the working…right?
I feel good about my choice, but wow…I had forgotten how overwhelming first days could be. To make things worse, last nights sleep was spotty (nerves, I think). And, as a result, I was quite exhausted today.
Life on the Intel digital account brings plenty of technology and lingo…and product names (!) to keep me busy for eons. Mix that with the [assumed] politics of a Global network and the communcation and cultural challenges of a multinational account team and I’m sure to keep busy. And we all know I hate nothing more than being bored…definitely a good fit, and a proper challenge. I will learn a thing or dozens in this new post.

Know the best part? I was nervous about taking time off at the holidays for our India trip…I’ll have only been with the firm for 2 months. But, it turns out that due to the firm’s generous holiday scheme I’ll need to take 2 days leave between now and end of year in order not to lose it…in addition to the time off for India! Now that’s work/life balance…hmmm…now what to do with those 2 days of leave.
Now I just need flash cards to keep up with the code and branded names for all the products 🙂

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