Pepsi Americas’ Sail 2006

G Aboard Cisne BrancoOver the July 4 weekend, we traveled to Beaufort, NC to see 14 tall ships at North Carolina’s Crystal Coast. Arriving to the area a bit too late to see the ships just off shore at Atlantic Beach, we ventured to downtown Beaufort to see a few as they came in from from their sail. We were able to see Meka II — a ship commanded by Captain Horatio Sinbad — and ultimately the reason that the tall ships visited NC as Beaufort is his home.Mekka II
Also at Beaufort, we were able to see Compass Rose, a beautiful ship with rust-colored sails. And other smaller ships, as well.

Compass RoseWe then traveled by bus to another port to see other tall ships before heading to the state port at Morehead City — temporary home to the Cisne Branco (a Brazilian ship, owned and operated by the Brazilian Navy) and the Virginia.

There were many pirates to greet us at the event — some to entertain the kids — and lots of small cannons (Allan–we have photos for you!). Most puzzling was a pirate who made reference to Raven Knob as we were passing by (a camp that G worked during summers while at school). We think he may have been teasing a child with a haunting tale about ye old knob, but I suppose we’ll never know.

]Compass Rose: The CrewAfter a bit of exploring about the largest ships, we headed to the beach and enjoyed the calm, placid, crystal waters that are the Crystal Coast’s namesake.

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