G planned an amazing date night yesterday! Adele‘s an up and coming British Jazz artist who’s being likened to the new Amy Winehouse (sans drugs and drama). She’s 19 and has sold 30,000 albums since her inaugral album was released yesterday. She sings mostly ballads, but there are a couple upbeat tunes on her album.G somehow found two tickets to see her second stop on tour–we saw the show in a college auditorium (to seat 500) near Camden Town. Her warm-up group was Caribbean inspired–and impressive. And Adele and her band are abolutely AMAZING. Her recorded album’s impressive (aside from a few voice crackles on Melt My Heart to Stone), but LIVE, her voice is incredibly sound and inspired.

To give you an idea of how close we were, this photo was taken with my cell phone camera–a 3mp with no zoom or flash. Good seats. Yay G…she’s so good I’m sure she’ll be playing to 5,000 soon.
If you haven’t yet heard Adele, click here to hear snippits on iTunes. My personal faves are Hometown Glory (so true about London), Right as Rain and Chasing Pavements.

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