Afrika! Afrika!


Loved it! What a pleasant surprise. G’s free tickets (courtesy of Phillips) came through and we really enjoyed the show. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to take photos indoors, but I’ll do my best to describe the venue, acts, etc.Multiple tents were set-up on a sandy patch on the O2 Centre Campus (North Greenwich). As you approach, you are welcomed by palm trees and Africa-esque totems and courteous greeters appropriately dressed in Morrocan garb. Chandeliers of recycled tableware sparkle above drawing the eye up from the gorgeous ruby and gold velvet cloth lining the walls. Multiple themed rooms are set-up as bars, cafes and restaurants throughout the tent enclosure.

Finally, you make your way into the arena which is initimate. If feels that more people attend a high school football match in America than are seated in the tent to watch the show. The show opens with a “spider man”–a contoursionist who’s able to bend and mold his body in every conceivable position. His legs and arms pop freely into and out of socket.  Next, an acrobat. Then, old-style cheerleader builds with up to four and five people atop each other head to foot reaching nearly to the rafters. Suddenly, they start to tilt sending you into an adrenaline rush–then you realize you’ve been had! Each one rolls out, it was just part of the show.

Each act was better than the last and I truly didn’t want it to end. I would have happily paid full price for the show though our tickets were free.

I’ve now learned that the show will travel to America in 2009…buy tickets! Afrika! Afrika! is a real treat (and no, they’re not a client :))

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