Bridgette Jones


My office is just south of the Thames, slightly West of Borough Market and London Bridge (the real one, not the picturesque one :)).

For a long time, I’ve been thinking that I should blog about it, but fearful of being perceived as a tourist amongst coworkers, I hesitated to take photos during my jaunts to the market and otherwise. I’ve now decided it’s okay to be a bit of a tourist in my own surroundings again…so look for blog posts with photos from my work life in the coming weeks and months.This will be my first. Did you know that the house that Bridgette Jones lives in (for the movie) is by Borough Market? In fact, I took a photo of it on my way to work this morning. This house also appears in Dirty Rottin’ Scoundrels and other films…

The Borough Market area is so popular for films, I get notices at work fairly often that we can take a long lunch to be an extra. At Christmas Jude Law was there filming…though a darn conference call kept me away.

I’ll continue to post photos and interesting facts from around the city… though bear with me as I’m dealing with the camera phone (despite lower quality images) for fear of being a REAL tourist amongst friends 🙂

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