Hometown Weekend


G and I enjoyed hosting his parents in London last weekend. It was a great opportunity to do a few things that we hadn’t yet fit in during our stay here. First, a tour about Borough Market for some specialty nibbles. The samples are dreamy and we found some nice fish and chips, cheese, champagne, strawberry tarts and chocolate ganache tarts. Yum!Then, to a typical English pub to catch up on our respective travels before heading for G’s parents’ first sushi dinner (they were brave) and finally to Billy Elliott (see it when it comes to the states…it’s one of the better major shows, we think).


After a busy Saturday, we had a bit of rest on Sunday morning before heading to tea at the Ritz and to see the King Tut exhibit (Nancy you were right…good exhibit!). Tea at the Ritz was cool, but have to say the snooty, overly pepped bunch don’t really jive with our style. For some reason, even the waiters and coat check at the desk think they’re better than their average guest…not really our scene. Despite that the place is crawling with tourists, they don’t allow photos. Luckily for you, we snuck a few 🙂


Have you had a proper English tea? They serve cream tea with a three tray lift of pastries (generally scones with jam and clotted cream but the Ritz also included fruit cake) , mini sandwiches (cheese on sundried tomato bread, cucumber, salmon & ham) and a mix of miniature dessert squares (mousee, nepolean, chocolate cake, raspberry tart, cream cookie tower, etc).
I had to travel for work yesterday/today. I’ve now led my LAST in-market online training session. Thank goodness the folks in Paris were kind. Now, all done. I’ll return to the office tomorrow before we head out at EOD to Lake Como for an extended weekend.

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