Tables Turn…

Last year at about this time, I was working on my dissertation. And slowly coming around to the idea of going back to the office full-time. By the time I was serious about the job search, I was well honed. But there’s still this little bit of nervousness in the back of your mind as you go in to meet folks for the first time (as an interviewee).

Now, I’m on the other side of the desk as our client increased our retainer this Spring and we now have approval to hire (hiring another Digital AD, an AM, an AE, a PM & a SPM if you’re interested….anyone? London’s calling…)

But, wow. I’ve interviewed candidates before…and found it to be fun. But in Raleigh, you know the back story on most candidates before they walk through the door. You can generally interview two-three candidates and pick the best. Not so in London. It’s hard to get the back story. And there are lots of duds that look good on paper.

Yesterday was the guy who announced that he ‘did research online about our client and the agency’s work’ only to then offer no examples when I questioned his favorite recent campaign. Today was the potential ax murderer with so much pent up frustration and hate for account people (he wanted to be a SPM) that he fumed for the entire hour on the topic. My colleague and I transitioned to become counselors by the half hour mark. It was AWFUL! Then, there was the AD candidate a couple weeks ago who was SO obsessed with numbers that she couldn’t see the forest for the trees!

As I’m currently on holiday cover for my major client and boss, all this time on recruitment is hard to spare. There’s so much I’d rather be doing–but really, it’s a good experience. Now, I KNOW that interviewers who call you in are rooting for your success. They want you to show up with a beautiful, happy disposition, a well polished smile and loads of perfect experience to discuss. Of course they do! You’re what stands between them and the next overworked firestorm and over-enthusiastic poser to come.

I’ve also had an idea. I regularly get calls from recruiters who hope to poach me for given account roles elsewhere. Next time instead of awkwardly getting across that it’s not a good time (I sit just across from my boss!!!), I’ll turn the tables on them and ask for their best candidates…the first one to fill my roles gets my CV next go around and referrals forevermore 🙂

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