Rounders and Friends

So, last Sunday friends invited us to play ‘Rounders’ in Regents Park–we showed up and played the British version of American Baseball…almost. It was crazy! You have to make a home run in order to get a point (4 bases on a single hit)–otherwise you just run the bases for the exercise and when you hit home, no point 🙁 So, our American friend and I decided we needed to change the rules to be more inclusionist…and almost played the British game 🙂 In our version you scored a point no matter how many bases you ran in one go so long as you came home (ie baseball). In the end, we hit the ball so hard that we broke it and had to quit. Oh, well.

But, we did meet some new friends and bought tickets to attend a ‘Freak show’ with friends from the games tonight. There was the magic hula hooper, the lady who swallows swords and table legs, the transvestite announcer, an amazing songstress…tons of great performers. And all with new friends AND margaritas. Who can ask for more. After walking home…we’re now making dinner at 12:18 (yes, after midnight–unhealthy, I know). And I’m posting as the pasta cooks.

Then tomorrow, we’re off to Bournemouth along the British coast. Our wings are still clipped as our visas are still out for renewal (our passports are with immigration) so hopefully the British weather will be kind to us as we travel domestically this weekend. Goodness…since we’ve had a whole 10 sunny days this summer, I’m a bit pessimistic of our chances for a sunny weekend. Fingers crossed…we will see.

Look again Tuesday of next week for an update on how we fared on the English seashore.

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