Dream Come True

I HATE shopping. I always have. I would love to walk into a store with TONS of manikins dressed in perfectly accessorized outfits. Then, I could just point to the ones I like, be measured and walk out with my outfits. I wouldn’t need to think about how to pair things up. Brilliant!

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t dress like Betty Suarez on Ugly Betty…yet. But I’m certainly not a fashionista. For YEARS I have wanted a personal shopper. I don’t like to shop.

Recently my dream came true. G took good notes and has treated me to a session with the experts. They’ll come in for a wardrobe assessment next weekend. They’ll look through my closet and make suggestions on how I can put things together to make new outfits. They’ll also help me to make a shopping list of staple items that would help round out my wardrobe and make recommendations on stores that cut appropriately for my shape and size (apparently the cuts vary widely by store).

Then, the following Saturday they’ll come back again and go out with me to shop for the items on the list. Very excited.

Provided it goes well, I think G may also have a session of his own. We BOTH hate shopping. I can’t wait.

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