Creative Cooking…

So, tonight G and I decided we’d like apple pie. And it’s cold outside–so going out was not an option.

Putting one and two together, we decided to make our own apple pies. Though this may seem simple to start, for us in our London flat anything outside of reheating can be…well…interesting. You probably remember that we moved abroad in 6 suitcases, and they weren’t even mammoth size. So, we had to be selective about which of our cooking gear would come along.

So the prospect of making apple pie sans a pie dish, rolling pin, pastry mat, proper dough cutters and a ricer was a bit daunting. So, we had to be creative 🙂

Enter a wine bottle (ie the rolling pin), the weighing bowl (the circle cutter–albeit large), a glass cutting board (the pastry mat) and a fork (the ricer). The results taste good…though they are less beautiful than our usual standard. But no damage that a little ice cream can’t cover:)

Now, how to explain to G why dishwashing duty requires washing a bottle of Merlot…I’m teasing, of course he knows because he helped (he’s SO good).

So, for those curious on how our life has changed on two incomes this last year, rest assured that our simple life is still going strong. No TV. No Microwave. No Mixer (though G feels strongly that he should count :)). No Dishwasher. No Food Processor. No vacuum. Not to mention that our china, silver and platter selection was left behind. On the upside, we feel very fortunate to have a small washer/dryer that takes 4 hours per cycle and we did break down and buy a Blender.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. All the stuff we don’t have would probably cost a combined total of 300GBP. We could just buy it instead of posting about it–but the fact is we neither have the space nor the want for all that Stuff.

We kind of prefer things this way…with Stuff comes responsibility. Hopefully that doesn’t make us irresponsible, hmmm 🙂

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