And a Merry Christmas to All!

Goodness…we’ve certainly learned to budget our holiday a bit more wisely in the new year (a hint for anyone making bets on our resolutions :)). With so many fun travels at the start of 2008, our year was front loaded and the last few months have been a bit, shall we say, normal?


We’ve enjoyed London and slowed down a bit, took a fun wine course with friends, had our own personal shopping sprees, got together with our London friends for festive holiday dinners and such and generally had a great fall. But, thankfully, our next travel is upon us–and perhaps this is the one we’re most excited about.

We’re coming home for Christmas.


This is a first since 2005. We haven’t been home for Christmas since we left for London. Having blown through most of our holiday [make that all of it plus some :)] in the first three quarters, it will be shortish jaunt, but long enough to have a couple days with both families before heading back to the grind next Monday. We can’t wait to see you all..we’ll be there soon!


And though G spent most of the weekend resting up and fully recovering from the flu (thankfully it’s gone now!), we did find the time to go out for a bit of Christmas cheer at Leadenhall Market in the City (the one that’s all decked out with festive trimmings to the right), yummy holiday treats at Borough Market (a gourmet food market by London Bridge) and for a Candlelight Carol Service at Southwark Cathedral (by Borough Market at London Bridge, where K’s graduation from Cass was held). And last night, we finished the weekend with a riverside dinner with a festive view of Tower Bridge at Hays Mews (between London Bridge and Tower Bridge along the Southbank).

Tomorrow morning, we’re off to Virginia…fingers crossed all travel runs to plan…

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