The Problem With Running in London

I don’t like running in the rain. I don’t like running in the cold. And I don’t like running in the dark. This makes it difficult to run in London.

Yesterday was the first day of my official 16 week marathon training schedule. When I left the flat this morning, the sidewalk was covered with ice and snow. It was dark well before I got home from work. And it was -2 degrees C. This puts a bit of a cramp in my running style. But I knew this was London and I’d have to face the elements on top of great distances on my feet. I’ve got the kit to meet the challenge (over here they say kit instead of gear). With the running pants, thermal shirt, wooly hat, and water proof shell (which also happens to be reflective yellow) I should avoid both freezing and getting hit by a bus.

I put in my three miles yesterday and am off to a good start. I get to rest today and then run four miles tomorrow. Then we’ll have to see how it goes. Four miles is a long way from 26.

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