Slippery Slopes: An Alpine Adventure


Yes. They are, indeed, slippery at this time of year.

We flew in late Friday evening and upon arriving in Salzburg, found ourselves in a winter wonderland. SO MUCH SNOW, everywhere. We had a great time catching up with our friends. And the best part is that one of our friends is also a beginner (she grew up in Australia…had never seen such snow before). So while G and most of the others ventured off down the slopes, Clare (the Aussie) and I ventured to ski school.


After two days and two lessons, I was able to consistently stand on skis without falling, climb slopes (slowly) with my skis on, push off on a fairly steep slope and maneuver around a string of ten toddlers as I made my way down the slope. I’ve found that my signature move is the ‘snowplow’…and I was/am the unofficial queen of the bunny slope. Mainly because I dwarfed my three year old peers…and provided the entertainment as I animatedly flew at full speed into snow banks.

We had an incredible time. And I can’t wait to go back! The powder was deep, the views were incredible and the company was perfect.


I’ve now attempted tennis (I’m rubbish), golf, ice skating, roller skating and skiing as an adult…all the while being laughed at by children. Not to mention languages, art, etc. Someday, I hope to reach the level or worldliness of those privileged three to six year-old peers racing alongside me on the Alpine bunny slope. Someday…

Click here to see additional photos from our extended weekend in Maurach, Austria.

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