Moving Day


Our 26′ truck is packed tight! Our moving help was amazing at organizing the boxes and other items–making the most of our load. E-move is great! A couple pointers for those who may be moving long-distance or putting things in storage for a move abroad:

  • Buy a Scotch Gift Wrap tape dispenser (the type that you put on your hand). And at least one package of three refills
  • Buy two good shipping tape dispensers and at least 10 rolls of tape to start (not the dispos-o dispensers…the ones that have real handles and blades)
  • Depending on your artwork, buy 5-10 rolls of brown shipping paper to wrap frames and mirrors
  • Buy boxes with foam dish packs–the little pockets protect your china, but don’t require tape
  • Rent PLENTY of shipping blankets. They help you to pad things in the truck, but also help you to keep the contents tight to avoid shifting in transit
  • On smooth floors, put a shipping pad down and place heavy furniture on top of it…use this to slide the furniture to the exit door
  • Save your back! Use the dollies to move the boxes even if you could manage…save your strength for the big stuff
  • For items with glass doors (china cabinets, curios, etc.). Place cardboard on top of the glass. Use the saran wrap wands to secure the cardboard.
  • Make corners out of cardboard or bubblewrap to protect furniture edges, frame corners and other items in storage
  • In the summer, move the stuff out of the attic first (put it in the garage). Then, you won’t have to romp into the attic during the heat of the day
  • Check into e-move and use their rating tool to find good help. Having our awesome mover made the day much easier.

Now, we’re off to Virginia to drop things off…before heading back to pick up a few last things and to clean before leaving for good.With the largest truck Budget has, a good packer to fill it to the brim and still more stuff to go, this makes me wonder how folks in larger houses move themselves…

Off to Virginia.

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