We’re off…

We’re officially homeless. After closing this morning, we’re now camped at the local Panara before heading off to Smith Mountain Lake. Any bets on how many pounds of stuff is in our car? After two trips in a huge truck to storage in VA last week, we still have more to take along. The car’s full and we had to send two boxes to ourselves in VA via USPS…now, that’s pretty sad. Who thought we had so much stuff? Good thing we rented the largest storage unit…the sad thing is that we’ll probably get used to living without all this stuff in London and decide to sell it all when we return 🙂
It’s been an exhausting and emotional day, but good in total. What a difference having adorable, excited buyer makes. Our home is in good hands…The buying couple’s young, positive and friendly. Our neighbors will be pleased to have a nice replacement. And I’m excited that all my plants will be well cared for.


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